The upcoming Wordsmith Conference 2018 is scheduled to take place on the 15th of September 2018 at the ISSER (Annex) Conference Hall, on the University of Ghana Campus.

There are so many conferences out there, but here are a few reasons why this conference should definitely be amongst the topmost events on your calendar.

• It’s going to bring several young people together
Where better to grow and learn than in an atmosphere of like-minded people who are as enthusiastic about learning as you are? Inspiring the youth from different schools and walks of life to think big and do bigger, Wordsmith Conference is definitely the place to be if you want to meet youthful and inspiring people like yourself. Plus, the speakers are young as well, giving you the opportunity to learn some fresh, contemporary stuff. Like one of last year’s participants describes it: “The atmosphere was free and comfortable; we could ask and answer questions freely, unlike others that are rigid.”

• Social Media, Blogging and Talent meet in one place
This conference is definitely going to be a converging point for people who are interested in starting and maintaining their own blogs, gaining some insight into using social media to your brand’s advantage, and even identifying what to do next after realizing what your talents are. Simply put, it’s a melting pot of a broad array of topics that will leave you further enlightened and ready to take up your own initiatives. “The speakers we all know were great”, one participant says, and this year promises to be even greater!

Did we mention it’s free?
Let’s face it; most conferences that offer a serene and comfortable environment, well-seasoned speakers etc. will attract a little fee. But the great thing about this conference is that not only do you get access to an amazing learning experience in a relaxed environment, you get to do so at no cost! Does this mean this experience is going to be of a low quality? Certainly not! As one participant who took part in last year’s conference puts it with a great sense of humor, “The item 13 was everything! Plus, the interactions were refreshing.”

• Let’s hear from a few people who experienced it:
To sum it all up, here’s what a lady who experienced Wordsmith Conference 2017, had to say;

“The first ever Wordsmith Conference was held in 2017. One main aim of the conference was to inspire rising writers, bloggers and the like to do more and be more with their passion for the pen; a lot was taught, a lot was learnt. The well-organized conference also attracted many talents beyond the ‘pen field’ like myself, who successfully picked tips from all that was said and went back to my field fired up to do more.
I know this year’s will be bigger and better, so whether you’re a writer, author, musician and anything else, join us this year! Here’s such an opportunity to get the little push you need. Who knows what you may learn or who you may meet?”

Another participant, a gentleman had this to say:
“Thank God for such an amazing conference. I learned a lot; the organization and reception was exquisite and first-class. I was also a proud winner of the fast-fingers activity!”

To sum it all up, it’s a combination of fun, interaction and learning!

How great is this year’s going to be? Why not join us and find out? Come let’s think big, do bigger!


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