A Girl’s Rant (13)

So much had happened, and the days had turned into months. The girls had a lot going on.

Betty was preparing for the soft launch of her fashion business. Although her shop had been there for a while, she was finally ready to do things full-scale. Sometimes Betty wondered whether things were moving too fast. Still, she kept getting subtle reminders from different angles, including her friends, that she’ll never really know how capable she was until she went all in. The shop wasn’t too big, but Betty had made it her own, creating a space that reflected her personality and that her clients would feel welcome whenever they came around. She had opted for a space that wasn’t too expensive to keep up with the rent and make a profit. Her cousin had helped her find an assistant, and things had gone smoothly so far. The girls tried to pass by at least twice a week to see how things were shaping up, and Betty felt grateful for their support. Even Ana, who was heavily pregnant, had managed to pass through occasionally.

Speaking of Ana, she was almost close to her due date and had carried the pregnancy graciously even though the girls knew how tough things had been on her. Akwasi had also done his best to support, and Ana could sometimes see its toll on him. She had convinced him to take a few days off to hang out with his guys, so he could return refreshed for the rest of the journey. He reluctantly agreed after several protests but insisted on just a day instead of the whole weekend.

“You’re as stubborn as your wife,” Ana had teased him, allowing him to have his way.

It had been a few months since Naa quit her job, and though it hadn’t been easy initially, she was gradually finding her feet. Papa had been very supportive and encouraged her to see her decision through. She now had more time with Aiden and Eden and knew she had made the right decision. Aiden and Eden were still fairly young but developing rapidly before their parent’s eyes. Naa could pick them up from school early and be more present for the little things. Papa also chipped in when he could, and they had fallen into the routine of rotating who picked up the kids during the week. She was also putting things in place for her consultancy and had already gotten a few clients. Things would take time, but she knew they’d be alright.

In the flurry of wedding preparations, Manza made it a point to take time off, even for a few minutes, so that she wouldn’t feel exhausted. A few times, she and Kwaku had little playful arguments because they had to manage both families’ expectations in the wedding plans. Manza and Kwaku wanted an intimate wedding, but they both had big families and had to be careful who they added to the list so no one would be offended. They had convinced their families to agree to their version of how they wanted the day to go and settled on a weekday wedding at the Almond Haven, a small but beautiful venue a few miles away from the city. Most of the process had been smooth, with the girls chipping in wherever they could. They had a joint call once a week to pray into the big day and life after, as well as all the other significant events happening in one another’s lives.

Kyerewa had finally taken Brad to meet her parents. She was so nervous the day before, but Brad assured her everything would be fine. One thing that endeared him to her was how comfortable Brad was in his own skin. He wasn’t pretentious and took the time to get to know people for themselves. When they finally got to her parents’ place, Kyerewa breathed a sigh of relief. Initially, her mother had been a bit difficult. Still, after some minutes of bombarding Brad with questions that could have made Kyerewa blush, her heart warmed as she saw how effortlessly her parents and Brad engaged in conversation.

“You should have come sooner,” Kyerewa’s dad teased as he caught her taking in the whole scene.

“I really should have!” Kyerewa exclaimed, excited.

After a hearty meal and more conversation to catch up, Kyerewa and Brad finally left, with her mum calling out sheepishly that they should come by more often.

As they left, Kyerewa reflected on how far she had come. She had put in long hours at work and had grown significantly during her time there. An opening had come up for a young leaders’ exchange program in the UK for lawyers, and it was almost as if the stars had aligned in her favor because her firm had selected her to go. Aside from having this opportunity to advance her career, she was also going to spend more time with Brad and finally meet his family, whom she had been communicating with virtually all this while. Pausing her thoughts as she felt she was getting ahead of herself, Kyerewa let her mind wander briefly to how much she would miss her girls. But first, she had a lovely nephew on the way and, of course, a launch to prepare for and a wedding that promised to be a memorable one…


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