A Girl’s Rant (3)b

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The Promise
‘Promise’ is a word with such heavy meaning;
A word that’s meant to stand through every season,
Through laughter through tears, the promise has to stand
Even in times when frustration and discomfort are constantly on hand.

A promise can be signified with so many things,
A word, a memory or even often a ring.
But what happens when those symbols are lost or forgotten?
Does it mean the promise has been broken?

By now I’m sure you know where am going with this,
But before that let me remind you of this
Promises are made not only between lovers
But spans through every aspect of our lives and in daily matters.

How faithful are we when we make a promise?
How hopeful are we when we receive a promise?
Do we easily forget or try to stay true to what we’ve said?
Or tough times sometimes make us wish we put those promises to bed?

Anyway back to the matter, before I forget
What was the first thing you did when your realized what was ahead?
Was your faith intact knowing the lost ring didn’t change the promise?
Or you wondered what would happen assuming you didn’t find it?
Did you even consider talking to the one who made the promise?

You see, this was the perfect test of his character,
To find out what to him does truly matter.
Will he be mad or perhaps help you look for it?
Will he use it as an opportunity to remind you of what has been?

Don’t worry too much…material things fade away…
I’m not saying you won’t find it, but this shouldn’t cause you to sway
For love should and would stand come what may.
I’m not talking about the love that is swayed by storms
But the kind that is complimented by understanding, realness and warmth.

Have you prayed and done your part?
Then stop worrying your precious heart.
You lost it, you will find and even if you didn’t,
Promises are meant to be renewed and will stand even in the symbols’ absence.
Trust me, you’ll come back and tell me you found it!
Then we’ll laugh and then the reality will hit;
We worry ourselves about material things and what people will say,
When we should be concerned about the important issues of the day:
Simplicity and genuiness is what really matters,
And the belief that even when the ring fades, your love won’t be in tatters

Sometimes these things do happen to test our faith and strength, To determine if we’ll really stick through till the end….”

Everyone was silent for a few seconds…

“Even when the ring is expensive?” Betty joked, breaking the silence. Everyone burst into laughter.
 “After listening to Manza, I went back to pray, asking that God should locate my ring for me by thunder by force!”
The girls laughed.
“ He actually did. By then I had already told Akwasi, but he was so calm about it I was even ashamed. And I realized Manza was right…this was really a test of my trust in God, how responsible I am and also how serious Akwasi is about me. I realized we really do worry ourselves over unnecessary stuff even when we’ve prayed about it.”
“You know!” Naa said.
“That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take stuff seriously o” Manza interjected. “All I’m saying is sometimes instead of worrying, let’s remember the things that turuly matter…everything else will fall into place.”
“Speaking of which Manza…what do you have to tell us?”

Manza smiled…


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