A Girl’s Rant 6

‘It was negative,” Ana said tearfully, accepting the tissue Manza offered her. “I don’t even know why I keep trying.”

“Don’t say that Ana,” Naa placed her arm around her, trying to hold back her own tears. She sometimes felt bad, and her constant prayer was that God would come through for Ana and Akwasi. Though she didn’t understand how God worked, she was confident He was up to something. “I just wish you could speed things up a little, God,” Naa closed her eyes briefly before turning her attention back to her friend.

Ana couldn’t describe how she felt when she saw the result. She thought she had built a little resistance and had an open mind, but it was tougher than she expected. Akwasi had noticed her puffy eyes and kept asking what was wrong, but Ana wasn’t ready to tell him yet. She felt bad for making him worry but wanted to process her feelings first.

“I don’t know why, but everything will work out Ana,” Kyerewah broke the silence. She couldn’t be there because of work but had asked the girls to call her when they reached Ana’s place. “Just know that you’re so much more than childbirth sis.”

“That’s true,” Betty nodded in agreement. She hated such situations as she often didn’t know what to say. She had ordered some cupcakes from Ana’s favorite bakery, but she had barely touched them, which showed how distraught she felt because Ana really loved her cupcakes.

Everyone sat in silence for a few minutes, appreciating the company. Even if they weren’t going to talk, they’ll just sit together and be there for their sister…


Manza had writer’s block…again. Kwaku had told her to give it time, but she was getting impatient. Dejected, she stared at her laptop screen. Her site had been idle for some time, and she felt bad. She saw writing as her God-given talent and knew she had to put it to good use, but sometimes wasn’t sure where to start.

“Lean not on your own understanding,” she heard almost clearly. Her thought startled her, but she knew God was speaking directly to her.

“It’s easier said than done,” she said aloud, though she knew she was in the room alone. Hoping God would speak directly to her, she waited a few more minutes…silence.

She shook her head, trying not to smile. God has a sense of humor, but she’ll wait…


Naa groaned.

Her little bundles of joy were at it again. They had successfully scattered the whole house, and she frankly felt tired of picking after them today. She had had a busy week at work and sometimes contemplated resigning so she could take care of the twins full-time, at least till they were older. Papa had suggested getting a nanny, but Naa was hesitant because of some of the horror stories she had heard. For now, her sister was helping, but she also had a life of her own, and they’d eventually need a Plan B.

Naa enjoyed motherhood but sometimes felt she needed a time out but never really talked about it before she was tagged as lazy. Papa had been supportive, but Naa sometimes found herself daydreaming for a few seconds about life before kids. She had had people asking her when the best time was to have kids after marriage, but she often couldn’t answer because it wasn’t a one size fits all.

Her line of thought was broken with a loud shriek from Aiden as Eden scratched his face.

“Here we go again,” Naa laughed, shaking her head…


Kyerewa had found a lovely little café not too far from her office. She liked to sit there during her lunch break or after work to finish her tasks for the day. Aside from the relaxing environment, the spot gave her space to think. The background music was never loud, and the place was never too crowded, giving her just the balance she needed.

She had become a familiar face and now knew all the staff by name. They always gave her a friendly wave when she came and knew her usual…a large glass of iced coffee and sometimes a brownie on the side.

Today, in particular, she couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched.

“Maybe I’m just being paranoid,” she dismissed, returning to her work.

After a few minutes, she just had the urge to lift her head, only to meet the most striking blue eyes she had ever met.

“Hi,” the stranger smiled.

“No, nope! I don’t have time.” Kyerewa said out loud, shaking her head vehemently, forgetting for a second that the stranger was still standing there.

“Everything okay?” the stranger asked, confusion flashing briefly across his handsome face.

“Purrrfect”, Kyerewa smiled, a little too sweetly.

A white guy? Definitely not her taste.

So why was she feeling the way she was?



Have you ever had an experience that caught you completely unawares? How did you deal with it?

How do you juggle various responsibilities without getting burnt out?

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