A Girl’s Rant (9)

Kyerewa was nervous. It had only been a few months since she and Brad had gotten serious, but she knew she eventually had to discuss it with her parents. She shook her head as she realized her phone was ringing. It was almost as if her mum had read her thoughts.

“Hello Mama,” Kyerewa answered the call.

“Hi dear. How are you and how is work?”

“It’s okay Mama, and how is everything too?”

“Good, good.”

Sometimes Kyerewa wondered why her mum hadn’t retired already. She was still running her retail business and had recently ventured into farming. But Kyerewa understood why she couldn’t be idle…she had gotten some of her traits.

“And Dad, how is he too?” Kyerewa continued

“He’s doing just fine,” her mum replied.



Kyerewa could sense a feeling of dread welling up in her. When her mum mentioned her name like that, she knew something was up.

“Yes Mama?”

“When are you bringing someone home?”

Kyerewa paused. That was quite sudden. And she wasn’t sure whether she was ready to raise the subject now.

“Are you there? It’s you I’m talking to oh, or?”

“Mmm…I’m here…”


“Mama is it all about bringing someone home? What about my job I’m excelling at?”

“Oh, come off it,” Kyerewa’s mother responded, trying to suppress her laughter. “Don’t go all I know my rights with me.”

Kyerewa rolled her eyes.

“You think I don’t know you just rolled your eyes at me?”

How did her mother know these things?

“Alright,” Kyerewa responded, resigned. “As a matter of fact, I have met somebody.”

Kyerewa’s mum shrieked in delight.

Shaking her head, Kyerewa continued, “But you don’t even know the person and you’re so excited?”

“Oh, anyone good for my Kyerewa is good for us!”

“Oh really?” Kyerewa thought.

“So, who is he and where is he from? What does he do? What’s his tribe?”

Kyerewa wondered how her mum could be so archaic sometimes with some of her questions.

“Tribe?” Kyerewa paused momentarily… “He’s English, Mama”

“As in?” her mum asked, slightly confused.

“He’s white…” Kyerewa said, wincing at how she sounded. Why should anyone be characterized by their colour?

“Eh? Kay?!!!! Eiiiii….” After taking a few breaths, Kyerewa’s mum continued, calling out to Kyerewa’s dad. “Kwame! Come and listen to your daughter! Kyerewa will not kill me!”

Forgetting she was speaking to her daughter, Kyerewa’s mum dropped the phone, muttering in the background.

“This cannot be good…” Kyerewa sighed…




Kyerewa rolled her eyes yet again as the girls shrieked with laughter.

“It’s almost as if we’re watching a movie,” Betty said, still trying to control her laughter.

“Hmm, I won’t mind you girls.”

“No, honestly, I thought your mum’s reaction will be much worse, but still, it’s classic!” Ana chipped in.

“It’s okay, let’s spare Kyerewa,” Manza said, feeling sorry for her friend, although she also resisted the urge to laugh.

“Thank you!” Kyerewa exclaimed, feigning frustration. Her mum’s reaction was quite hilarious when she thought about it.

‘I hope it’s not going to change your mind, though,” Naa said as the laughter died down.

“Yeah,” the girls agreed.

“If you love him, don’t think too much about what others say; as long as you feel in your heart it’s right.” Ana added.

“Yeaahh, but don’t forget to add your head too,” Betty added, briefly remembering what she had been through. She was convinced it wasn’t always about the heart.

“Yeah,” all the girls agreed.

Kyerewa was grateful for their company. “You’re right,” she agreed.

As they were all silent momentarily, Kyerewa closed her eyes briefly. She knew what to do…




Naa sighed as she and Papa sat in silence. They had spent most of the morning discussing Naa’s decision to stop work. They had dropped off Aiden and Eden at Naa’s sister’s place and gone to a café nearby to talk without any distractions.

“Naa, I really hope you’re not basing this decision on just a dream. You can easily hire help. I don’t think you should put your career on hold.”

Naa understood Papa’s concern, but she was thinking about the bigger picture.

“I know Papa. But it’s not just the dream that the triggered it. I’ve actually been thinking about it for some time now, and I think it’s the best decision. It will give me more time with Aiden and Eden, at least till they’re older.”

“Have you weighed every other option?” Papa reasoned, concerned.

Naa paused… “I have. I’m not going to resign immediately. Maybe in the next two months. Within that time, I’m hoping to find something remote. Ana mentioned some potential openings in line with what I do. Plus, it will be a great time to start thinking of building my own portfolio.”

“I admire you for your courage, but we also need to be practical here, Naa.”

Touching his shoulder lightly, Naa responded, “Papa, you have been supportive all this time. And I truly appreciate it. I know it’s tough now, but let’s have a little faith. In terms of finances, I do have some savings.”

“It’s not even about that Naa, you know I can take care of you,” Papa winked despite himself.

“I know,” Naa said, smiling. But she still wanted her independence. She didn’t need to ask Papa for everything.

“Alright, let’s give it a try, but let me know if you have a change of heart. I’m here to talk anytime.”

“Hopefully, everything will work out,” Naa responded, feigning more confidence than she felt.



What do you think Kyerewa should do…should she put her relationship with Brad on hold or follow her heart?

Have you ever experienced a similar reaction like that of Kyerewa’s mum, where you “failed” to meet your parents expectations? How did you handle it?


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