A Girl’s Rant (Finale)

Manza shut her book. She had finally put together a piece she knew was one of her best yet. She was still far from publishing books but had moved past her writer’s block and knew the best was yet to come. She glanced at her wedding gown hanging outside her closet. Tomorrow was the big day.

Manza took in a deep breath. They had a simple engagement ceremony, which was loads of fun. It had also been a moment of reflection that this was it. Kwaku had kept stealing glances at her, telling her she looked beautiful.

Shrugging, Manza whispered, “I know…wait till you see me on Saturday!” Kwaku had to control his laughter before receiving disapproving looks from the elders, watching him and Manzawith keen interest. It had been an emotional day for Manza, and as she hugged her parents, she tried to keep back tears as she thought of how supportive they had been through the various phases of her life. She was now about to start a journey of her own. They would seal everything tomorrow with the wedding and start their life together.

She heard a car honk outside. Kyerewa had offered to pick her up so she could add the final touches to her hair and nails before tomorrow. Manza squealed in excitement, looking forward to the day. She jumped off her bed and headed downstairs to meet Kyerewa. The other girls would join later for a group grooming session and a mini bridal shower. It was going to be a good day.


Ana smiled at her image in the mirror. People kept telling her she was the definition of “glowed up.” The pregnancy was initially difficult, but things eased up during the last trimester. She was due any time from now but was hoping the baby would wait a few more days…she had a bachelorette night to enjoy and a wedding to witness.

Akwasi was due to return later tonight from his getaway with the guys to be there for Manza’s wedding. Ana rolled her eyes and recollected how often Akwasi had called her since he left. He called almost every hour to be sure she was okay, and despite her many assurances, he video-called as often as he could to ensure his two babies were fine. Ana lowkey enjoyed the attention and couldn’t wait for him to return.


Betty slung her bag over her shoulder after touching up her makeup. Tonight was going to be a fun night with the girls as they prepared for Manza and Kwaku’s special day tomorrow. Pausing to reflect, Betty smiled slightly, remembering the previous week.

Her launch was successful, and the turnout had been more than anticipated. It reassured her that though she didn’t know what the future held, she’d be alright. She will do herself and the girls proud. Much to her relief, Lanre had stopped calling her, and that chapter was definitely closed for good.

Brushing her short hair, which she had dyed burgundy, she gassed herself up, exclaiming, “You look good baby girl!” She had taken to making positive affirmations as often as possible, which helped improve her attitude. Although the girls often described her as the life of the party, there were times she felt down, wondering when everything would fall into place. But she had gradually accepted that she had much to be grateful for, and she was doing great. She will do things in God’s time, not according to society’s clock.

In the meantime, she had a bachelorette to get to! The girls wanted to finish early enough to have adequate rest for the next day. It was going to be a beautiful day!


Kyerewa had taken a few days off from work. She wouldn’t let anything get in the way of Manza’s big day tomorrow. Putting her work aside for a change was a relief, and she intended to enjoy the days ahead. Brad had returned to the UK, but they kept in touch everyday. She had just finished a video call with him, and he wished he could be around for Manza’s wedding.

I’d have bust a move or two,” he had joked. And Kyerewa laughed, knowing he really would have. She looked forward to seeing him next month when she arrived for the leadership program in the UK. But for now, she had to take her girl Manza to the spa for a last-minute treat.


You look beautiful Naa,” Papa exclaimed, whistling as he admired his wife. Aiden and Eden echoed their father’s sentiment, repeatedly exclaiming, “Wowwww!”

Naa smiled sheepishly. It had been a while since she had let her hair down, and it felt good. She seemed more relaxed since quitting her job and had more time for the things and people she loved. Tonight, she had opted for a simple yet classy strapless dress that accentuated her figure. She lightly patted her “mummy tummy” before catching the twinkle in Papa’s eyes.

You look just fine Naa. I have taste you know.” Naa laughed shyly. Inching toward her, Papa hugged her and whispered, “I’m proud of you for making a bold decision when it seemed the odds were against you. You’re doing great. And we appreciate all you do for us.”

Holding back tears, Naa blurted out, “Boss don’t let me cry this evening, I have a party to attend.”

“I know, I know, get on with it!” Papa shooed her away.

Kissing Aiden and Eden on their foreheads, she picked up her keys and headed out.


Part 2

The girls shrieked in delight as Manza walked down the stairs in her gown. Even Betty, who hardly cried, snatched some tissue from Kyerewa to dab her eyes.

Rushing to circle around her, they all chorused:

Look at you!”

“You look beautiful!”

“You look a vision baby girl!”

“Kwaku is going to do back flips when he sees you!”

Grinning from ear to ear, Manza opened her arms for a group hug, trying her best not to ruin her light makeup. After saying a prayer, the girls shifted into action mode. Betty handed Manza her bouquet while Kyerewa adjusted her train. Naa got Aiden and Eden into position as the page boy and flower girl while Ana adjusted Manza’s veil. It was time.


Manza took a deep breath as the music began to play. Smiling, she linked her arm with her father’s as he walked her down the aisle to “When I Found You” by Bebe Winans. Manza caught Kwaku’s eyes as he nodded reassuringly. After what seemed like forever, she was finally by his side as her dad gave her away.

After going through the service order, the pastor allowed Kwaku and Manza to read their vows. By the time they were both done, the room had no dry eye. Manza could hear choruses of “Awww” all around her, but one, in particular, seemed very loud. “I know that voice!” Manza whispered to Kwaku, and with realization dawning on them, they both turned in Ana’s direction. Her aww had turned into “Ohhh!”

“Oh my God she’s in labor!” Naa exclaimed!

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Ana whispered before letting out another yell! “Pastor, please speed things up so we can go okay?” She managed to say.

Thankfully, they were almost done, and after a 1000 “LET’S GO!” from Akwasi, the girls, including Manza & Kwaku, helped Ana to the car. “Go back…you still have a reception to attend!” Ana protested, before letting out another loud groan and squeezing Akwasi’s hand, bruising it in the process.

It was going to be a long night!


All too soon (time has really flown!), A Girl’s Rant has come to an end. Thank you so much for being a part of this series. I enjoyed growing through it with you. For the constant encouragement, feedback, and sharing with others, I am really grateful. Looking forward to our next series together! And hope you enjoyed this one!


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