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Damage Episode 10

Episode 9 EPISODE 10 Sheila knew something was wrong. The office had grown quieter, JJ hardly came to work and to her delight, P.Y. and Marge had grown closer. Sheila had a growing concern; would she able to do her full National Service at Tunnel or she would have to […]

Damage Episode 11

Last week, Sheila sensed that Tunnel was in trouble, P.Y. and Marge tried their best to reach JJ, and Bo was making plans to leave the country. Missed out? Catch up here Episode 10. EPISODE 11 Asare got off the phone with the IGP. To his frustration, the IGP had […]


  I had made a personal resolution to be more conscious of some of my habits, and this included trying to exercise on a regular basis. The first week, I was totally excited, with my determination level reaching a 110%. I was all in! The second week came and I […]


I walked into a shop, hoping to order a meal quickly and head back out. Whilst standing there, an acquaintance walked in and said hi. Upon hearing my order, he asked “Is that for you?” There was a notion that only a certain kind of people bought from that shop […]


I was in an area that was a bit unfamiliar to me, but needed to get to an internet café as quickly as possible in order to beat a deadline. I asked a gentleman who was seated near the road for directions, and as he began to use his hands […]