Breathing under water…

There’s always something to worry about, if we’ll allow our minds to roam

Especially when there are people around us yet we still feel so alone

Some moments make it so easy to forget all the good times in the past,

Those moments that make us wonder whether our strength will last.

There will be times when we’ll ask ourselves whether we can really make it,

Whether all the effort and sacrifice is worth it.

But sometimes until we are pushed to the end of the tunnel,

We’ll never know just how much we can handle.

Sometimes it feels easier to give up, to throw in the towel and say it’s okay…

But tough situations are really not the time to get out of play.

It’s hard to breathe especially when you feel you’re suffocating under the mess,

But no, even in the trial, don’t value yourself less.

Your capacity needs to be tested to determine how far you can go

To break you, mold you and usher you into growth.

Sometimes you may not know how to put how you feel into words

But that’s okay sometimes silence is best to avoid any regrets

And In times when you feel those you trusted are the ones who let you down the most,

Remember it’s a time to learn to encourage yourself (as painful as it may be), and savor God’s Presence alone.

So breathe my friend, even when the pain threatens to explode through your chest;

Dont give up yet, you’re on the brink of receiving your best.

But what if I drown you may wonder, but what if you overcome?

You’ll never know until you take that leap of faith and jump.

Take in what the situation has to teach you and don’t let it break you.





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