Changing The Status Quo

What a Year!

“Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you’re going next!” – Mandy Hale I can’t believe 2018 is almost up. In some ways it’s been one loooong year, but in other ways the year has just whizzed by. I was reflecting on what I could […]

1000 and grateful! :) 

I still remember the day a friend of mine, Owuraku, suggested I open an Instagram account; I took it lightly initially, because I was not too keen on being “out there”. Moreover there were so many questions running through my mind: What if my page is not catchy enough? What […]


This morning I wondered to myself “Ei God…I’m in my mid 20s yet what have I achieved with my life?” Forgetting momentarily that God hears everything that runs through our minds, I was a bit surprised when God actually responded! In a soft but firm voice He said “What do […]


  I had made a personal resolution to be more conscious of some of my habits, and this included trying to exercise on a regular basis. The first week, I was totally excited, with my determination level reaching a 110%. I was all in! The second week came and I […]


I walked into a shop, hoping to order a meal quickly and head back out. Whilst standing there, an acquaintance walked in and said hi. Upon hearing my order, he asked “Is that for you?” There was a notion that only a certain kind of people bought from that shop […]


I was in an area that was a bit unfamiliar to me, but needed to get to an internet café as quickly as possible in order to beat a deadline. I asked a gentleman who was seated near the road for directions, and as he began to use his hands […]