Changing The Status Quo


  BEING ESIABA “I sometimes wonder how it will feel to be known…to be in the spotlight and to be appreciated. Being the only child has not really been easy and I feel so lonely sometimes. School is another matter altogether. I’d rather everyday were a holiday….” “Esiaba!” Esiaba dropped […]


I had wanted something in particular for some time now, but wasn’t willing to spend on it (as like almost every other national service personnel, finding ways to save our little “allawa” has been one of my main priorities since I started service), so I just forgot about it and […]


Tensions are escalating, and we can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen to our DAMAGE characters. Today, DAMAGE comes to an end with a double episode. Enjoy!   EPISODE 12 Asare quickly jumped out of bed to answer his phone. This was the call he had been waiting for; […]


It’s week 9 (sorry I didn’t post last week) and DAMAGE will be ending soon. Forgotten what happened last two weeks? Here’s a reminder on Episode 8. I’m sure you know the characters like the back of your hand now, but in case you still don’t, here they are: Asare […]


Things are getting very interesting in DAMAGE. As the plot unfolds, what happens next? Let’s find out on today’s episode, but before that, here’s a refresher of Episode 5. I really hope you remember the characters now, but just in case you don’t, here they are: Asare Darko – Minister […]


Another week is here, and it’s time for a dose of DAMAGE. How did you find last week’s episode? For a recap of what happened last week, here’s Episode 5. In case you still haven’t gotten the characters by now (I hope you have! :D) here they are: Asare Darko […]