Lockdown Chronicles

Lockdown Chronicles (2)

Hi my favorite reader! Someway, somehow, your prayers worked and I finally got some rice! 😀 I’ll be concluding my lockdown experience with this episode, but who says the lockdown chronicles have to end? I’d love to hear about your own experiences and will be glad to share them here […]

Lockdown Chronicles

Lockdown Chronicles (1)

“There’s a disease going round. But you’ll be fine. Just wear your masks, wash your hands and be careful.” We all turned to look at one another. It was just a flu, right? It couldn’t be that bad. None of us gave it a second thought. “Don’t forget to come […]

A Girl’s Rant (2)

Manza looked out the window and smiled. Any moment from now, Naa’s fiancé, Papa Kwame would be walking through the gate. She could already see the full squad in their colorful caftans, standing outside obviously gearing up to cheer their boy on. Papa was adjusting his kente cloth and couldn’t […]

A Girl’s Rant

Ana put her glass down, too deep in laughter to hold on to her cocktail. She had the craziest friends ever. They had a habit of meeting at least once every quarter. It wasn’t much, but they didn’t want their busy schedules to get in the way of their friendship. […]


It’s week 8 already and tensions are escalating in DAMAGE. What are Marge and P.Y. going to find out from their visit to Nana Adjayi? Let’s find out on today’s episode, but before that, why don’t you refresh your memory with Episode 7? By now I’m sure you’re acquainted with […]

Damage Episode 10

Episode 9 EPISODE 10 Sheila knew something was wrong. The office had grown quieter, JJ hardly came to work and to her delight, P.Y. and Marge had grown closer. Sheila had a growing concern; would she able to do her full National Service at Tunnel or she would have to […]