Connection Lost

I tapped my feet impatiently, waiting for the internet to load. It simply wouldn’t! In frustration, I checked my bundle to see how much I had left. It was sufficient, but my network would not budge. Urgently needing to finish what I was doing, I checked the router to see if it was on so I could use the Wi-Fi since my data disappointed me. The router was on just fine, but on my phone, it kept reading “No internet connection…”

It turns out the data bundle for that was finished too! I could have tried to describe how frustrated I felt at that moment, but I don’t think words will do justice 😀

The Most Important Connection

As I was trying to figure out what to do next, God drew my attention to something. Is our connection with Him still intact, or is that signal lost due to the hustle and bustle of life and the clutter of everything around us? Trying so hard to get my data working so I could finish what I needed to do, I was even willing to recharge again, whether the data was finished or not. I was so bent on doing this so I could have the connection restored. Through that, an important question came up: how far are we willing to go to stay connected with God? The farther we move away from God or relegate Him to the background, the easier it is to grow distant till, eventually, the connection is lost.

In our case, no network usually means being unable to make calls, and having difficulty using the internet, among others. It can be frustrating, disorganizing various aspects of our life, including work, staying connected with loved ones, and so on. Likewise, gradually disconnecting from God has significant effects. That includes losing clarity to being numb to His promptings, and feeling overwhelmed with everything.

But thankfully, when the network is down, it can easily be restored. Well, sometimes our telcos can really disappoint, but that’s another topic for another day). In the same way, it’s never too late to reconnect with God, our true Source & Sustainer. Tough times may come, seasons may change, and life will get busier. But no matter what, we must be intentional about staying connected to God. That is the only way we can truly thrive as the people He has called us to be and achieve what He desires.

Connection Restored…

So, today, do you need to “renew your bundle” to receive clear signals from God? Even if there are network issues beyond your control, you can still proactively stay in tune with God. Keep your eyes on Him and your heart and spirit grounded in Him. It’s never late to “Reconnect Now.”


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