Another week is here, and it’s time for a dose of DAMAGE. How did you find last week’s episode? For a recap of what happened last week, here’s Episode 5. In case you still haven’t gotten the characters by now (I hope you have! :D) here they are:

Asare Darko – Minister for Mines and Resources

Joe Jenkins – Founder and CEO of Tunnel Mining Corp.

Marge Asante – An investigative reporter

Sheila Glover – A national service personnel at Tunnel Mining Corp.

Papa Yaw Wiredu – Head of Business Development at Tunnel Mining Corp

Bo Chang – Joe Jenkins’ Chinese business partner

Nana Adjayi Adomorobe IV – Chief of Nsunye, a developing township


And now, Episode 6:

Asare was tired. He was beginning to give more of the work to his deputy minister. Elections would take place in a couple of years and this mining issue was beginning to unnerve him. The President had even called him a number of times warning him to get his act together. Complaints of damaged water bodies, trees amongst others were increasing and the media was fuelling the fire. Even worse, his friendship with the Nsunye chief was beginning to grow cold. Adjayi IV was backing down on his promise to make maintenance of Nsunye his topmost priority. Obviously, JJ had influenced him too.

“Maybe all hope is not lost yet….” He thought out loud.


“Nana, you’re losing weight. What’s wrong?”

Nana Adjayi IV shifted in his bed in response to his wife’s question. “Nothing dear, old age. I am fine.”

“I know something is bothering you.”

“I took it.”

“Took what?”

“Haven’t you ever wondered why I suddenly paid attention to that oburoni?”

“Isn’t it because I asked you to?”

Adjayi paused and then turned to face his wife.

“He promised me three plots of land.”

“Oh Nana he promised? Has he even given it to you yet? He just promised and you gave in? You can easily have anything you want in this kingdom Nana, so how come?”

Without any answer, Adjayi turned back to face the wall, in an attempt to fall asleep….


It was pay day and Sheila was excited. Apart from the NSS allowance that would be given at the end of the service, Tunnel gave their personnel extra perks and Sheila loved it. However most of the money either went into skyrocketing utility bills or maintenance of the chic look she had developed over the years.

“I need to invest…” she rebuked herself.

Putting some of her ‘personal needs’ on hold, she placed the money she had gotten in an envelope and set it aside. Just as she turned back towards her desktop, she heard a loud exchange coming from JJ’s office…


“Oh will you shut up with your Chinese accent?” JJ exploded, walking towards Bo Chang.

Bo responded with a string of Chinese expletives JJ couldn’t have even found the answer to on Google.

“Sit and make some sense Bo.”

“No, no! Enough sitting! I want a bigger percentage of the profit. You think me fool?”

“Why the sudden change of mind Bo?”

“Because you cheat me that’s why and cheater no be my friend. “

“It’s cheat, not cheater” JJ responded, losing his patience again.

“So you know what you are. I’m giving you five days JJ, FIVE. Otherwise, I go to the police…”


“So, my suspicion is that JJ wants to have monopoly over the mining business here and is also using Tunnel as a front for bringing expatriates here illegally.”


Marge and Papa Yaw had fast struck a friendship and Marge realized P.Y. wasn’t that bad after all.

“Marge, are you listening?” P.Y. interrupted with a slight smile.

“Go on, what do you suggest we do?”

“I think it’s time to pay some of the chiefs a visit.”

“But how will we get time off to do that?”

P.Y. paused for a minute… “Okay, we just need to find a way of convincing JJ that a feasibility study for the company is crucial.”

“Isn’t it a bit too late for feasibility study P.Y.?”

“We can just say we need about two weeks off to conduct research into what people are looking for in a company like Tunnel, and then we take the opportunity to see the chiefs.” Papa Yaw reasoned.

“Not bad”, Marge responded, trying to hide the fact that she was impressed.

“Well, they don’t call me P.Y. for nothing” Papa Yaw winked…


Okay, let’s take a break here. I hope you’re enjoying the series so far. Why not let others join the fun by sharing the series with them too, and let them know about the upcoming Wordsmith Conference whilst you’re at it 😉

Till next week, it’s see you later!

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