Even When….

God is goood!”

How easy it to say this when everything goes our way.

But what happens when things go off course?

When we didn’t get that job or pass that test, or we got disappointed after a long time of expectation? Is God still good?

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand:

Why would a good God allow this to happen?

Why would a good God allow me to fail?

Why would a good God allow an innocent child to fall sick?

But the thing is….God’s goodness does not depend on our circumstances but simply on Who He is.

And Who He is doesn’t change even when our circumstances do.


By all means cry if you have to…

Vent if you need to…

Scream if you have to…

Apart from being therapeutic, it’s a reminder that we are human and He is God.

Tests come our way not to break us but to make us stronger.

There will be times when people’s words will not be enough to encourage you,

When even the most uplifting of songs won’t move you…

When your heart feels like it’s bursting at the seams with pain

But even then know that you’re never alone.


There is a good God:

A God we may not always understand, but Who always sees the big picture.

He loves you, He understands and will never leave you hanging.


It may be difficult now

But someday your scars will tell a story;

A beautiful one of strength and glory

A story that will also keep someone going

When they someday find themselves in your shoes.


Till then, keep going.

Tell yourself:

“Even when I am down, He is still good!”

“Even when I am broken, He is still good!”

“Even when I’m frustrated, He is still good!”

“Even when it hurts, He is still good!”


Remember the times God has been good, even if they seem insignificant now.

To others it may not make sense:

How can you still praise when you’re hurting?

And that in itself is a testimony.

Because irrespective of the pain, He is good.

And you are loved.


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