Ghana Man Blues (Episode 1)

I was reading through my old blog and chanced upon an old story I wrote in 2016! So, I’m bringing it back, 7 years later 😀 I’m not going to edit it or anything, so you can enjoy it just as it was back then.

Hope you like it!


“Kofi! Get here right now!”, a loud voice boomed from behind the office door.
“This man again!”, Kofi Wilson grunted under his breath. “A minute, Sir!”, he responded. 

Kofi had been working at the National Employment Allocation Scheme (N.E.A.S.) for about a year now, and was almost fed up with the monotonous nature of his job. He had expected to gain some little experience in the Human Resource field, at least before looking elsewhere for a job, but had ended up just basically running errands. A loud bang on the door broke his train from thought…
“I thought I called you?” Mr. Lanre Adesodzi asked with obvious irritation.
” Sorry about that, Sir,” Kofi quickly apologised. “I wanted to finish up with sealing the letters you gave me yesterday, so I could bring them along to your office.”
“Very well,” Lanre responded, looking placated. “There’s an emergency meeting here at 1pm. We need to prepare. The delegation may walk in soon.” 
“Sir, by 1pm, do you mean 11am or 3pm Ghana man time?”
” Silly boy! “Lanre smiled subtly, giving Kofi a light knock on the head as he sauntered out of the office.


” Accra traffic can be so sickening”, Esiaba muttered to herself as she tapped impatiently on her steering wheel. The traffic lights at the busy Royal Gold Coast high street intersection had gone off again, and what should have been a quick drive to the N.E.A.S. Secretariat had become a tough battle of whose car was the biggest and the fastest. Some young men had taken on the temporary job of traffic warden, but nobody seemed to be paying any attention to them.
“At this rate, Fiifi would have to go and pick up the kids,” Esiaba concluded. She picked up her phone to dial her husband’s number when she spotted a police man walking towards her car.
“But where did this man too come from?” Esiaba wondered. “Here we go again. These guys never appear when you need them.” She rolled down her window and smiled sweetly. “Good afternoon Officer…”


” Johnnie Johnnie! “
” Call me John the Great! “

John Owusu wiped his face with his already wet face towel, as he waved back at the taxi driver who had just shouted his name. John’s dream to complete secondary school and move on to a higher level of education had been shattered when his only uncle who seemed to care about him, passed away about a year ago. He had been forced to grow ten years older since then, and had resorted to selling colourful socks and shoes for a living. It did not bring in much money, but it at least put a hot meal in his belly twice a day.
“I definitely have to break camp and advance soon chale,” John lamented to himself.
” Hey, shoe seller, can’t you hear someone blowing the horn at you?” an iced water seller yelled sullenly at him.
“Back to work!” John encouraged himself as he gathered all the tactics he had seen the famous Jamaican runner, Usain Bolt, display in his race the previous week, and ran hurriedly towards the huge V8 that had parked at the nearby street.


“The ConnecTel number you have dialled, cannot be reached at the moment. Please try….. “
Nana Yaa pressed the disconnect key before that irritating automated voice chimed a second time.
” I just spoke to this guy, and now you’re telling me his phone is off?” she said exasperatedly to the phone, as if the helpless phone could defend itself.
Just before she could dial Lanre’s number again, her phone rang. She quickly answered it before here loud “God bless our homeland Ghana..” ring tone disturbed the serene atmosphere of the hotel reception she was waiting at to meet her friends.
“Nana Yaa!” her long time friend, Naa Aku Quartey, shrieked excitedly when Nana Yaa answered the call. “Nii proposed!….” 


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