Ghana Man Blues (Episode 10)

Nana Yaa confronts her brother Kojo, Kofi Wilson’s time at N.E.A.S. is finally over, John pays his friends a visit, and Naa Aku is finally pregnant. Missed out on the action in Episode 9? Here’s a trip down memory lane.

And now the blues go on with Episode 10:


Nii had decided to give Naa a day off, and was taking the trash out when something fell out. ‘Auntie Mary’s Pregnancy Test Kit’ was written on the box. Confused, he quickly got rid of the trash and went back in to question his wife.

“Naa is there something I need to know?” he asked curious.

“Oh why? What’s up?” she responded innocently.

“Lady, go straight to the point,” Nii said, growing impatient.

“Well….It’s nothing really. Just that I’m pregnant,” Naa said, relaxed.

“You’re what?” Nii stammered in response. “And you hid this from me because?” Nii continued, walking towards her.

Naa was hesitant, wondering how Nii was going to react. Before she could respond, Nii lifted her up and whirled her around, elated.

“Oh Nii, put me down!” she shrieked, delighted….


Safoa was staying with the Danquahs, and had not seen her mother Dede for some time.

“Auntie Esiaba, please tell me what is going on. Where is Mummy?” she asked for the umpteenth time.

“Oh my dear, it is nothing to worry about. Mummy is fine okay?” Esiaba assured her, trying to sound convincing.

They had not heard from Dede for close to three weeks, but had decided not to worry because they knew where she was. She had not had much of an option anyway than to go into hiding…

Dede had moved in with Nana Yaa for a few weeks, after Kojo had threatened her one more time. She had frantically sought refuge at Esiaba’s home, but had to change location when she realized Kojo knew where she was. Nana Yaa had suggested she hide out at her residence for a few weeks, but thought it better to leave Safoa behind with the Danquahs. It had been three weeks already and Dede had not had this much peace of mind in a long while. Her case against Something Different was gradually building, and she knew it would take at least a year before this custody battle was over. But she was willing to fight…


Lanre was increasingly seeing more of himself in John. It had been almost a year since he had stopped selling on the streets, but John had remained as humble as ever. He had already joined his school’s debating class and had started nursing political ambitions. Though Lanre was not too happy about it initially, he had decided to let the young man choose his own path, only deciding to interfere if he felt it was absolutely necessary.

Now that Kofi Wilson had left N.E.A.S., Lanre’s workload had increased but it at least took his mind off his disappointment in Kofi as well as his pending trip outside to start a new job. He had kept postponing it and was even thinking of rejecting the offer. He had tried to deny it, but knew the underlying reason why he did not want to leave…


*Things finally seem to be falling in place for Nii and Naa. What does this tell us about holding on just a bit longer and not giving up on our loved ones as well as our hopes?

*What are some of the things that hold us back from taking the next stepping stone in life’s journey, like in Lanre’s case?

 *John the Great seems to be making the most of the opportunities that have come his way. How can we apply this to our own attitude towards various doors that open for us?

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