Ghana Man Blues (Episode 11)

Nii is finally in on Naa’s pregnancy secret, Dede’s custody battle with her ex-husband is getting worse, and Lanre keeps postponing the commencement of his new job outside. Missed Episode 10? Here’s some catch up on

The blues continue with Episode 11:


It had already been 7 months since Nii found out his wife was pregnant, and those months had been some of the happiest they had ever witnessed together as a couple. Mrs. Jones Snr. had eventually become a silent party in their marriage and Nii felt grateful that he had had the fortitude to stand by Naa. He was nervous and excited at the same time, and virtually did not allow Naa to lift a finger. His friends, Fiifi and Esiaba Danquah had been of great help, as they had two kids of their own. He chuckled to himself when he remembered how stubborn and inquisitive Esiaba could be, and how firmly Fiifi handled her. Nii’s phone vibrated, breaking his train of thought. He put his phone away when he realized who it was…

Mrs. Jones Snr. had been feeling terrible over the past few months about how she had treated her daughter-in-law, Naa Aku. She was so ashamed and had been trying to reach Nii every day, but she understood why her son never picked or returned her calls. She wondered desperately what she could do to get her son back, but could not think of anything to make up for lost time. She decided to pay them a visit, whether she was welcome or not….


The custody battle had had a draining effect on Dede, and she had lost weight drastically, not having enough time for herself or her daughter. She had not seen Safoa for quite some time now and was missing her terribly. Nana Yaa was briefing her on the progress of the case so far, but Dede had zoned out, making a mental note to go and see her daughter at the Danquahs the next day. She knew Safoa was safer there, at least till she was sure she had her for good.

“Dede….Dede!! Have you heard a single word I’ve said?” Nana Yaa asked, irritated.

Dede snapped back into reality, not by Nana Yaa’s question, but by the constant vibration of her phone.

“What does he want?” Dede grumbled, rolling her eyes when she realized how many times S.D. had called her.

Nana Yaa grabbed the phone and was about to snap at Kojo when she noticed how feeble he sounded. Alarmed, she asked, “Kojo, what’s wrong?”

“I’m…..I need help,” he responded, sounding desperate…


It had been a long night for Naa, and Nii noticed she had grown extremely quiet over the past few days. She had tossed and turned so many times during the night, getting Nii worried. He thought of calling Esiaba for help, but decided against it, wondering whether he should call his mother instead. Naa had broken out into a sweat, causing Nii to dash to the bathroom for a towel and some cold water, before he heard his wife scream in agony.

“Niiiii! Nii, please help me!…”


*Do you think Nii is being too harsh on his mother? Did Mrs. Jones Snr. have a point in treating Naa the way she did?

*Kojo seems to be in some trouble. Do you think Nana Yaa and Dede should pay any attention to him?

*Are there any lessons on forgiveness we learn from today’s episode?

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