Ghana Man Blues (Episode 12)

Mrs. Jones Snr. tries to make amends with her son; Something Different seems to be in some trouble, and so does Naa Jones. Missed out on Episode 11? Catch up on

With just one more Episode to go, what happens next?

Nii was frantic and blindly rushed to his room when he heard Naa scream. Something was very wrong and he had to act fast. Naa had grown pale and was sweating even more profusely than she was a few moments ago.
“Nii, please do something!” she said desperately.
He said nothing in response, but instead grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and lifted his wife up before locating his slippers and car keys. He had to get his wife of almost six years to the hospital as soon as possible. He just could not afford to lose her.


“Hello,” Esiaba responded sleepily, before sitting up and shaking Fiifi awake. She handed the phone to him and quickly got out of bed.
“Hello?” Fiifi said, confused.
“Fiifi, I need you and Esiaba right now. Something is wrong with Naa.”
Fiifi rubbed his eyes in an attempt to be alert, before responding, “We’ll be there as soon we can.”
He had never heard his friend Nii sound so afraid before.
“Wait, what hospital again?” Fiifi quickly asked before realizing Nii had hung up…


“Dede!”  Nana Yaa said, barging into Dede’s room. “Please get dressed; we need to get to the hospital now.”
“Oh what is it Nana Yaa, that can’t wait till morning?” Dede replied sleepily.
“It’s Naa. It seems she’s in some kind of trouble. Nii couldn’t really give details.”
The name Naa was enough wakeup call for Dede. This woman had been a priceless friend to her, and Dede wanted to do anything she could to help her out, even if it meant just being there.
“I guess I have to postpone my visit to Safoa,” she said to herself, a bit disappointed as she joined Nana Yaa outside a few minutes later, to head to the hospital.


Dede did not know whether to be shocked or sorrowful. Not long after they had reached the hospital, she had seen a man being rushed to the emergency ward. She had looked closely only to see none other but Something Different looking terribly ill and almost shriveled up. Naa being her main concern right now, she made a mental note to go and pay S.D. a visit later when his condition stabilized, to find out what exactly was going on.

Nii felt calmer after all those he cared the most about made it to the hospital in record time. Fiifi and Esiaba were there, and Nana Yaa had managed to get Dede and even Lanre (who was almost always busy) to come along as well. Even his mother had managed to make it, obviously trying to make amends for her previously cruel attitude towards Naa.
After the tension of trying to get proper medical attention for his wife, Nii just could not sit or eat anything. Naa was losing a lot of blood and he could not stand the sight any longer. The doctors were doing everything they could to save her and her baby, but they had been in the labor ward for hours now. He desperately whispered a prayer to God for His intervention, before the doctor stepped out and said,
“Mr. Jones…” with an expressionless face…


*Today’s episode draws a little attention to our medical systems in Ghana. How efficient are our emergency and response services, and what can be done to improve them?
*Everyone that was most important to Nii was present, helping him to be at ease. How promptly are we there for our loved ones when they need us the most?
*Despite S.D.’s cruel treatment of Dede over the past years, she still made a decision to later check on him. Also, Mrs. Jones Snr. had managed to make it to the hospital when Nii needed her the most. What do these two instances tell us about forgiveness?

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