Ghana Man Blues (Episode 13)

Esiaba and Fiifi, Dede, Nana Yaa, Lanre and Mrs. Jones Snr. all meet up at the hospital to support Nii and Naa in what seems to be a crisis. Missed out on Episode 12? Catch up on

And now the curtains fall on Ghana Man Blues with Episode 13:


It had been three years since that night when Nii had almost lost his wife and beautiful daughter, who they had named Nhyira Jones, defying their Ga roots. That baby was just a miracle that had brought so much joy to the Jones household. Nii had decided to renew his marriage vows to his wife, and was waiting for her to walk towards him, through the pathway they had created in their lovely back garden. They had moved into a new home and had taken a firm decision to enjoy every single day they had together. That night at the hospital had put a lot of things in perspective for Nii, and he quickly brushed away a tear that was threatening to tarnish his manly image, before turning to see his beautiful wife walk towards him….

Naa could not believe how far she had come. She had almost given up that night when she was in labor with Nhyira, and wondered why God had allowed her to go through so much pain over the years. God had however come through for her in the end, and she knew that she and her daughter were a living testimony of His goodness. She looked around as she walked towards her husband, with her bubbly daughter ahead of her walking excitedly towards her father, in a white flowery dress. Naa felt so much warmth as she caught a glimpse of those who were present; all those she loved, including Dede, Nana Yaa and Lanre, Fiifi and Esiaba and Lanre’s adopted son, John the Great. She managed to give her mother-in-law, Mrs. Jones Snr. a smile as well, making a decision to leave what was in the past behind…

Nii and Naa’s renewal of vows just made Lanre think. He had finally allowed himself to admit the true reason why he did not take the job offer outside. He briefly glanced at Nana Yaa before realizing she had stolen a glance at him too. She boldly slipped her hand in his, ignoring John the Great who was making funny, teasing noises at Lanre and Nana Yaa from behind. Lanre suppressed a smile before squeezing Nana Yaa’s hand in silent response. He had finally made his decision….

New love for her daughter arose in Dede’s heart, as she watched Naa Aku walk towards Nii with their three year old daughter in the lead. She felt grateful to finally have her daughter Safoa with her, without any fear. The custody battle had ended abruptly when Something Different suddenly passed away from an illness he had apparently been battling with for years now. How he gathered the energy to have been attacking Dede so much, still beat her understanding. He apparently needed to gain custody of Safoa, so he could look like a responsible parent in order to get a decent job that could help him cater for his medical bills. All that was in the past now; Dede sighed as she realized that what mattered the most was that she could start her life afresh….

John the Great just looked around, overwhelmed by how it felt to be truly surrounded by family. He had never known that so many people who were born of different parents could be as close-knit as he had seen these people be.

John had started an NGO that helped to make sure those on the streets got at least two warm meals every day, as well as an opportunity to learn a vocation. He could not have done it without Lanre, who had been of tremendous help over the past few years. John had decided to put his political desires on hold for now, and was about to congratulate Nii and Naa, when Esiaba and Fiifi caught his attention. These Danquahs were something else, with Esiaba always giving Fiifi one reason or another to laugh.

“Love indeed makes the world a better place,” John chuckled to himself…

Nii and Naa, Dede, Lanre and Nana Yaa, Fiifi and Esiaba, as well as John the Great held hands in a circle, reminiscing on good times, whilst Safoa and Nhyira were in a world of their own in the center of the circle. Esiaba volunteered to round everything off with a prayer:

“Thank You Lord for how far You’ve brought us, through the good and bad times, and for the fact that You have brought us here for a reason. Thank You for reminding us that it’s great to be Ghanaian, and that no matter the Blues that the Ghanaian man goes through, You’ll be there through it all….”

Everyone shouted a big AMEN in response, before Nhyira caught their attention by repeatedly saying “Ghana Man Bluueeeeesssss”, amidst laughter.


*What are the lessons we have learnt over all from this series?

*What does Nii and Naa’s new attitude towards life teach us?

*What do we finally learn about not forgetting to give thanks to God when all is said and done?

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