Ghana Man Blues (Episode 3)

“A top of the morning to you! LiveWire FM is here again with the hottest news! And now…, ” the radio presenter’s voice blared loudly through the radio as Fiifi Danquah prepared for work. It had been a tough week, and he had no choice than to add the weekend to his work schedule this week. His wife Esiaba was not too happy about it, but they had sorted it out. Things had been far better ever since they took the decision together to let God steer affairs in their marriage. Just after whispering a prayer of gratitude, his daughter burst in…
“Daddy, don’t forget your promise to take us out today o…,” He was just about to answer her when he heard Esiaba’s scream from downstairs…


It had been two years already since Nii Boye Jones had tied the knot with his fiancée Naa Aku. Time had flown since then, and his mother was already asking when her grandchildren were arriving. Nii had decided to turn a deaf ear to that kind of pressure, and was about to find something to occupy his mind when he saw his long time friend Fiifi’s car turn into the driveway…


It had been raining almost the whole day, and John and his counterparts could not do much business as a result. John had managed to find shelter under his credit seller friend’s umbrella, and occupied himself with staring at those light-skinned children who were busily holding on to the legs of passersby, despite the rain. The street was already flooding, and there was massive traffic as a result. Some police officers were trying to direct the traffic, but what was needed right now was a huge truck to help clean up the mess.

“We must definitely organise some clean up o,” John’s friend said to no one in particular. John was just about to respond when his view was suddenly obstructed by a tall, well-dressed  man.
“Young man,” he said, looking at John directly….


A gentleman walked out of Lanre’s office, leaving Lanre in a pensive mood. This was the second person who had come with a complaint to him about how demanding and corrupt  his assistant Kofi Wilson was becoming. Lanre found it too hard to believe, as he planned to test Kofi’s patience with his apparent ‘errand boy’  position before pushing him up the ladder. But it seemed Kofi was failing. He decided not to jump to any conclusions yet, but give it a little time to see just how true these allegations were.
A hesitant knock interrupted his thoughts.
“Who is it? ” Lanre spoke up.
” It is me, Sir,” Kofi quickly responded.
Not in the mood to face him right now, Lanre quietly responded, “I’ll be out in a minute…”


*Fiifi Danquah faced the task of juggling family with work. What are our family values? What are priorities? 
*Nii was already facing pressure from his mother-in-law. What are some of the expectations society has of us, and how much pressure do we face in meeting those expectations? 
*John’s business had been interrupted by the rain. What are some of the societal problems Ghana faces and how do they directly affect us? In the case of flooding, what are some of the personal measures we can put in place to make sure we and those around us are not affected? 
*Lanre’s suspicions about Kofi Wilson have been confirmed, but he does not accuse him yet. How quick are we to jump to conclusions about others? And like Kofi, do we take the ‘easy’ way out when what we are waiting for delays in coming? 

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