Ghana Man Blues (Episode 5)

With Dede facing her ex-husband and Nana Yaa saddled with the task of finding out what exactly Kofi Wilson is up to, what happens next on Ghana Man Blues? Missed out on Episode 4? Here’s a recap on

The Blues continue with Episode 5:


John had been extra quiet these days, and even his fellow sellers had noticed it, assuming he was unwell. A lot had been on his mind of late; sales had been extra low, reducing the frequency of his meals to just once a day. He did not even notice when a trotro sped by, splashing some water on him.

Since that tall man approached him some time back, John had been debating on an offer that had been made to him. The man had said he had observed John for some time now and wanted to help him out, but John was uncertain.

“These days the world has become strange o,” he reasoned with himself. So even though this encounter was a few months ago, John had still decided to sell his socks not because of the profit, but because of his fear of change. What would he start doing if he stopped selling? He dug into his pocket and pulled out the crumpled piece of paper with the man’s number on it….


Kofi Wilson sulked the whole way home on the trotro he had boarded. He did not even object to the constant nudging the huge woman sitting by him had subjected him to with her elbow.

“That Nana Yaa woman, whether she is his girlfriend or what I don’t know o…” he grumbled to himself, attracting some curious glances from some of the passengers.

Nana Yaa had been coming around the office too much of late and always seemed to have an eye on him. He was extra jittery today at work as he was expecting a ‘small package’. Nana Yaa had arrived at the same time Kofi was expecting his ‘visitor’, so he had had to call the agenda off. N.E.A.S. was just getting too heated these days……

Mrs. Jones Snr. had just stormed out of Naa and Nii’s home, leaving Nii angry and Naa speechless. She had come with a callous proposition;

“Since you can’t give my son a child, either you let me take you to see someone, or you leave,” she had said carelessly.

“Ma, what is the meaning of this,” Nii had exploded in response. “Is this what you meant by you wanted to pass by? I’ve had enough!”

He was just about to grab his mother’s arm to lead her out of the house when she retorted:

“I can see myself out, but think about what I said o.”

Nii banged the door angrily after her and turned only to meet his wife’s broken gaze as she crumpled to the ground sobbing.

“Is this what it has come to?”  she wept, not even consoled by her husband’s embrace. Their marriage was beginning to fall apart and they did not even know when it started…

“Ah but how could she have done that?”  Nana Yaa and Esiaba exclaimed angrily at the same time. They had paid Naa a visit and were incensed by the story Naa was telling them. It reminded Nana Yaa of one of the reasons why she did not even want to get married.

“Hmm, I don’t even know which is worse…Naa Aku or my neighbor Dede’s story,” Esiaba interjected.

Of late, there was quite a lot of disturbance at her neighbor’s house, and they had struck a friendship as a result. She had wanted to bring Dede along to Naa’s place but had changed her mind last minute.

“Why, what’s wrong?” Naa asked about Dede. “Is her name Dede Quanson?”  she continued.

“Yes. How did you know?”  Esiaba asked surprised.

“Oh we’ve been friends for quite some time now.”

Nana Yaa had become very quiet, her mind obviously wandering.

“Dede…Dede…” she said, her eyebrows knitted into a frown. She had worked on a case concerning a lady called Dede, something about domestic abuse, but had taken herself off the case when she realized who the wife beater had been…


*John had an opportunity to advance in his life. He was however afraid to take the next step. How open are we to change? How has the fear of the unknown kept us from taking bold decisions?

*How can Nii and Naa work through the difficulties they are facing? Have you had any similar experience, where you felt you were losing control over everything?

*How have the first five episodes of Ghana Man Blues encouraged you to see the valuable lessons in everyday situations?

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