Ghana Man Blues (Episode 6)

Kofi Wilson is growing increasingly nervous at N.E.A.S. and John is contemplating his next move to make.  What else are our GMB characters up to? Catch up with the past blues on

The Blues go on with Episode 6:


Esiaba had just put her daughter to bed and was about to check on her son when she heard her phone ring. She glanced quickly at the time.

“Who would be calling so late?” she thought out loud.

She doubled her steps just before the phone stopped ringing. Realizing who had called, she was about to return the call when the phone rang again.


“Esiaba…” Nana Yaa said obviously upset about something.

“Yes Nana, what is it?”

“Lanre…” Nana Yaa responded brokenly, sobbing all over again.

“What is going on?” Esiaba asked, her heart skipping a beat.

“Lanre has been arrested…” Nana Yaa managed to say.



Lanre felt confused, but was trying his best not to show it. He had been whisked away just when he got to his gate, and had no idea what was going on. He knew he had not done anything wrong, and jumped at the opportunity to call Nana Yaa when he was given the chance to make just one phone call. Something was very wrong at his secretariat and he had figured out that someone wanted him silenced. Shifting towards the corner as another man was shoved into the cell he was in, Lanre tried to figure out how he was going to spend the night…

Dede had so much to write about these days. Her ex-husband had found new ways of tormenting her, and she had drowned all her frustrations into publishing more blog posts. She had put church on hold even though her new found friend Esiaba had tried so hard to get her to go to church again.

“What’s the use anyway?” she muttered, feeling that God had forgotten her completely.

She heard some kids passing by, chattering loudly.

“Kids have no care in the world. These kids…..Ei, Safoa!”  Dede exclaimed, leaping off her couch. She had forgotten to pick her daughter up from school.

“5 o’clock! My poor baby will be all alone!”  she said, getting frantic. This had never happened before. She grabbed her car keys and sped off, forgetting to lock the front door…

Nii and Naa left the consulting room, holding hands. It had been some months since Naa’s miscarriage and things were still not working out. Naa had tried to build her defenses, afraid Nii would eventually leave her for someone else. He had proved her wrong however, and stood by her every minute. He had had another argument with his mother last week, over how badly she had humiliated Naa at their family reunion. He had threatened to cut off ties with her completely, but had softened in his resolve when Naa reminded him about the need to honor his parents no matter what.

“You’re awfully quiet Naa,” Nii said suddenly, glancing at her. Naa smiled weakly in response.

“Come on, let’s go and watch a movie, then I’ll take you somewhere special afterwards…,” Nii said, trying to cheer his wife up.

“Okay Nii,” she responded, lighting up a bit as they walked out of the hospital doors.


Dede was almost frantic now. She had reached Safoa’s school in record time, but her daughter was nowhere to be found. She had been to the classroom, playground and even the kids’ washroom, but there was no sign of her daughter.

“I don’t need this right now,” she said almost in tears.

‘Something Different’ was on the verge of slapping Dede with a nasty custody battle, and this situation would not help at all.

“God, where is Safoa?” she cried, placing her head on her steering wheel in frustration. Just then an unfamiliar face knocked on her window.

“Ms. Quanson…is it your daughter you’re looking for?”

Dede quickly rolled down her window in desperation…


*Are there some dangers we face in our society when we make the decision to always do what is right?

*How strong is our support system for people going through situations, like Naa and Dede?

*Do the problems we face in our daily lives give us enough reasons to forget our responsibilities?

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