Ghana Man Blues (Episode 7)

Dede’s daughter is missing and Nii and Naa are still struggling with child birth. Missed out on Episode 6? Here’s a reminder on And now the blues go on with Episode 7.


Dede drove home, relieved and angry at the same time. Safoa’s school authorities had called her phone a countless number of times but Dede had not picked, forgetting that she had turned her phone to silent mode. They had asked Safoa if she knew any other number, and she had mentioned an Auntie Esiaba. Thankfully, Esiaba left work to pick her up and she was safely with the Danquahs. Relieved that ‘Something Different’ had not gotten hold of their daughter, Dede was angry with herself for being so absent-minded these days.

“I have to get myself together,” She muttered to herself and almost did not see the man who had stepped on the road to cross right in front of Dede’s car…..

“I could have died today o,” John the Great said to himself after a narrow escape from being knocked down. He had so much on his mind and was in a hurry to get to the driver who had just called him that he had barely seen the car that was moving at top speed.

The woman had just rolled down her window and yelled “What is wrong with you?” before driving off, obviously incensed.

“Ghanaians are always angry these days,” John said to the seller passing by.

“But you also didn’t try,” the seller responded.

John sat down on the curb, contemplating his decision. He had decided to stop selling and take up his mysterious visitor’s offer. He dug deep into his pocket, took the piece of paper with the number on it, and walked to a nearby ‘Space to Space’ desk…


Kofi Wilson had not been able to sleep for the past few days. His boss Lanre had been released just a day after being arrested, after the police admitted they had no substantial evidence against him. They were just obeying an order to have him arrested. Of course, Kofi knew what was going on, but knew that Nana Yaa was on to him and was getting too close for comfort.

“What kind of man have I become?” he lamented to himself. He planned to resign before what he had done was exposed, but at N.E.A.S you had to give at least three months’ notice before you could leave. He turned on his bed once more, adjusting his pillow when the silence of the night was interrupted with a loud knock on his door.

“Kofi Wilson!”


Nana Yaa had had enough of that weasel Kofi Wilson. He had been nothing but trouble for Lanre, but Lanre had refused to see it with his “ever-patient” attitude. She admired him for that, but it got on her nerves at times. She did not even know how to tell him what she had found out. Kofi had become a recipient of every bribe Lanre refused, and had agreed to incriminate Lanre for an amount of money. A disgruntled contractor had been bitter from Lanre’s refusal and had threatened to make Lanre pay dearly for it. Fortunately, Lanre had kept his reputation intact, making it a bit easy to get him out of custody. What angered Nana Yaa the most was the role Kofi had played in the whole situation. He had leaked information on Lanre’s every move, facilitating his arrest and had even gone further to forge Lanre’s signature on one or two documents. Nana Yaa vowed to make sure Kofi got what he deserved.

In the meantime however, she was becoming more concerned about Dede’s custody battle. She had not been involved in the case because that man was her own brother she had lost touch with over the years. For him to resurface this way was just despicable and she had decided to do something about it. She picked up her phone and dialed Dede’s number…..


*How does our desire to make it in life sometimes cause us to compromise on our integrity?

*Lanre did not have much of a problem getting released from custody, due to his reputation. What does this tell us about a good name?

*If we were in Nana Yaa’s shoes, having to correct a loved one for his wrongdoing, will we live up to the task?

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