Ghana Man Blues (Episode 8)

Dede’s daughter is not missing after all; Lanre has been betrayed by Kofi Wilson, and John the Great finally decides to explore new opportunities. Missed out on Episode 7? Here’s some catch up on With just a few more episodes to go, what happens next on the Blues?


John had tried to reach the number he had received from his mysterious visitor for some time now, but it just was not going through.

“Maybe God doesn’t want me to stop this socks thing,” he said to himself dejectedly.

“Let me try one more time.”

The phone rang about three times before a man answered.

“Thank God!” John quickly said before responding, “Hello Sir! Please it’s me John. You stopped me a few months ago when…”

“Hello young man! I know who you are. I thought you’d never call…”



Lanre ended the call with John the Great. He had almost forgotten about his promise to see the young man through school, as he had been occupied with what had taken place a few weeks ago. He was considering leaving N.E.A.S even sooner than he had planned. He had received a job offer outside the country, but felt he had not finished with Ghana just yet, even more so now that John had called him back.

When he was young, his education had been put on hold for a while when his father lost his job. He had had to sell spare car parts for some time till things stabilized at home. He had almost gotten into trouble once with a fellow seller, who had cheated him of some money, and had a scar on his left arm to show for it. His father had eventually gotten another job, enabling Lanre and his siblings to go back to school, but Lanre was always a few years older than his mates due to this delay. Out of his experience, he had vowed to help at least three boys and two girls to complete their education before he attained the age of 45. So far he was on course, and saw something extraordinary in the socks guy, John. They had scheduled a meeting for the next day, and Lanre was about to tidy up his desk and leave to meet Nana Yaa when Kofi entered without knocking.

“Mr. Adesodzi. Please, I need your help……”


Esiaba quickly sat up after she and Fiifi had been woken up by loud knocks on their door.

“Who could that be at 12am?” Esiaba said, a little alarmed and irritated at the same time.

“Let me go and check,” Fiifi said, barely awake.

“I think I should go,” Esiaba responded.

“Ah. How? When there’s a man in the house, you want to go where? No way,” Fiifi sat up, wondering where his wife got her stubbornness from at times.

“Oh Fiifi, I’m sure it’s nothing serious,” Esiaba said adamantly, suspecting it was Dede.

“At 12am? Madam, please. You can follow me if you want to, but you’re definitely not going alone. Ah.”

“You it’s okay, let’s go,” Esiaba conceded. “This person will wake the kids up if we waste any more time.”

They descended the stairs together, Fiifi in the lead with Esiaba behind him.

“Please help me…” Dede said immediately Fiifi opened the door, and collapsed before Fiifi or Esiaba could respond…


“That’s enough Dede. You have to take this man back to court,” Nana Yaa said, obviously furious.

“Calm down Nana, let’s deal with this rationally,” Naa Aku said.

“I think the rationality ship sunk a long time ago,” Esiaba said, siding with Nana Yaa.

They were at Esiaba’s home, as they had decided to meet up after work to discuss Dede’s issue. Dede had tried to mask her bruises with makeup, but had not succeeded. Her left eye was almost swollen shut from the brutal beating Something Different had subjected her to two nights ago. She had come back from looking for Safoa before realizing she had not locked her door. S.D. had made himself comfortable, and what she thought was going to be a brief visit had turned into a horrible nightmare.

“Do we have something like a restraining order in Ghana?” Naa Aku asked, looking at Nana Yaa.

“Hmm, we do o but how effective will it be?” Nana Yaa responded. “But Kojo deserves more than that. If I had my own way, he’d be behind bars,” Nana Yaa continued, angry all over again.

“Ei, but isn’t this your brother we’re talking about Nana?” Naa asked before Esiaba could signal her to keep quiet.

“Kojo Afriyie is your brother?” Dede asked, her one eye growing wide in disbelief.

“I had planned to tell you Dede…..”


*John could have decided to give up in his attempt to reach Lanre. He however decided against it. What does this teach us about hope and determination?

*From Lanre’s decision in this Episode, what do we learn about remembering where we come from and giving back to society?

*From the women’s meeting at Esiaba’s home, what do we learn about availing ourselves to show support to our neighbors, friends and loved ones when they need it?

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