Ghana Man Blues (Episode 9)

John’s helper turns out to be Lanre, Dede has reached her limit at the hands of her ex-husband, and she finds out he is Nana Yaa’s brother. Missed out on Episode 8? Your flashback is just a click away.

The Blues go on with Episode 9


After much convincing, Dede had agreed to let Nana Yaa help her out with her case. Three weeks later Nana Yaa had found out why Kojo was insisting on gaining custody of Safoa. She decided to go and pay Kojo a visit.

“What do you want?” Kojo asked sullenly, trying to hide his surprise.

“What on earth is wrong with you?” Nana Yaa responded angrily. “I haven’t heard from you in years, and when I finally do, you’re at your stupid tricks again.”

“You watch your mouth Nana Yaa Afriyie,” Kojo said, straightening up.

“You want to hit me too? Go ahead! You’re such a coward!” Nana Yaa countered, facing him squarely.

Kojo took a step towards her, before clenching his fist in restraint…


Kofi Wilson tidied up his desk, trying to stifle his disappointment. He had spent the past few hours trying to beg Lanre for forgiveness but things had not gone well. Lanre Adesodzi was a good man, but this time around, Kofi had gone too far. The same people who had framed Lanre were now demanding their monies back from Kofi, but he had put the money into a deal that had not worked out, and was completely broke.

“I’ve messed up big time,” Kofi lamented.

Lanre had given him up to an hour to pack all his stuff and leave the office. His time at N.E.A.S. was over…


Naa Aku could barely hide her excitement. She had missed her period for a few months now and had taken a pregnancy test., which had come back positive. She stared at herself in the mirror, contemplating whether to tell Nii or not.

“What if I miscarry again?”

She was still trying to figure out what to do when she heard Nii’s car pull into the driveway. She quickly got rid of the test and went out to meet him…..

John the Great decided to pass by the street where he used to sell. Though he was enjoying his new life, he missed his friends and took the day off to go and see them. He had been schooling alongside running some errands for Lanre, who had become like a father to him. Through these errands, he had met some ‘big people’ and realized he was interested in politics. He quickly shelved his thoughts as he got to his destination.

“Eiiii Johnnie, Johnnieeee!” one of the sellers shrieked in disbelief.

“It’s me, call me John the Great!” John responded as he hugged most of the sellers who had huddled around him, momentarily forgetting their wares.

“Ei, John, how are things going, chale?” his longtime credit seller friend asked him.

“Small small o, God dey!” John responded.

“Look at his too-known!” another of the sellers teased, as they scrutinized John.

After some time with his friends, John headed back home, but not before he had given each of the sellers one little gift or the other. He had learnt so much about giving from the little time he had spent with Lanre. John vowed never to forget his roots, and decided to wear the ‘happy socks’ he used to sell every single day, to remind him of where he came from….


*From Kofi Wilson’s predicament, do you think Lanre was too harsh or Kofi deserved what he got? What does this tell us about bearing the consequences of our decisions?

*Naa is finally pregnant, but decides to hide it from her husband out of fear and disbelief. Does this remind us of any uncertainties we have faced in our own lives?

*What does John the Great’s visit to his friends tell us about remembering who we are and where we come from?

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