One Year down the Line….

“So when are you going to make your blog an actual website?”

I always used to avoid that question, because apart from honestly not knowing the answer, I was a bit nervous about taking the next step. Whereas running a blog on a small scale was fairly easy, I felt managing a website was going to be a whole new ball game. Yet still, I decided to trust in God for whatever came next.

I eventually forgot about it as time went on, till a friend I had made through LinkedIn gave me a call and encouraged me to start a website. “This issue again.” I thought to myself; but this time around, I was willing to consider it. This friend decided to take up the challenge of actually pushing me till I put my words into action. In no time, I had chosen a domain name (, theme and content. On January 20th 2017, the first post for the website “What’s In a Name.” was published. I couldn’t believe it…my dream had become a reality, and as a plus, I had been reminded that God has a way of always sending destiny helpers our way, to push us to take the next step. With a need to remind myself to press on, Jacob’s Grip was published a short time later.

To say running this website has been a blessing will be an understatement. I have met wonderful people, fostered friendships, learned to think on my feet and accept corrections. I have also learnt to accept responsibility for the actions I take and above all trust in God.

There have been times when I had absolutely nothing to write, which led me to panic: “Will I really be able to sustain this whole website thing?” Through that however, God taught me that when He gives us an idea, all we need to do is start; He will sustain us.

Two major highlights of starting the website are the meet up I had with some of my loyal readers in April, and the maiden edition of the Wordsmith Conference 2017 in September. Overwhelmed by the unflinching support I had from some people, I have never been the same since these two events took place.

It’s been an exciting and enlightening journey so far, and whilst writing, I have learnt to put myself in people’s shoes. You can have a look at some of these exciting and realistic pieces, which sum up some of the struggles we face in our daily lives: ‘Being Esiaba’, ‘What If? (Tales through a Driver’s Eyes)’,Damage’, ‘Shifting Perspectives’ etc. In fact, just take a trip through the entire website to have a feel of my one-year experience so far.

Above all, things could not have been this amazing without constant and supportive people like you. We may not always have people to push us, but when we do find that solid support system, we need to appreciate them and hold on to them. Such people are simply priceless.

I sometimes admire people from afar for the things they have been able to achieve. But I realized that they are where they are today because they took that bold decision to try. I can never say this enough: Don’t wait till tomorrow to try out that idea or take that decision you’ve been meaning to take. With or without the resources, make an effort to start now, and with determination (and prayer), things will fall into place.

Thank you for making what it is today. Indeed, thus far has the Lord brought us, and like I always say, the best is yet to come!

P.S. What impact has made on your life? What are some of the improvements you’d like to see on the website? Feel free to share.

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