Our own story to tell

Here’s a short piece from one of my own…a young Ghanaian man whose occasional short pieces inspire me and manage to make his readers smile in the process. This particular peace made me feel hopeful, reminding me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that we should never forget to try and put ourselves in others shoes:


All the people born before the 80’s do not let us sleep about the hunger and starvation that hit the country in the late 80’s and early 90’s but now we feel you.

Our batch now will appreciate you strongly for surviving as COVID-19 has given us a fair idea of what you went through.

I pity those who will be born 2021 and beyond as this COVID-19 is going to be a story we will never stop sharing with you.

We have suffered from the Rawlings chain story and oh how our own children’s ears will suffer because we have our own stories to tell. One of survival, hope, love, lessons well learnt in isolation and the value of life and the little things. 

What a story it will be!

In the meantime, let’s stay safe and let’s survive to tell our story of how we survived.

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