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Ghana Man Blues (Episode 1)

I was reading through my old blog and chanced upon an old story I wrote in 2016! So, I’m bringing it back, 7 years later 😀 I’m not going to edit it or anything, so you can enjoy it just as it was back then. Hope you like it! ****************** […]

A Girl’s Rant (12)

Ana shook her head in protest. Ever since Akwasi and the girls learnt she was pregnant, they barely let her do anything. That plus her mother and mother-in-law’s constant checkups and instructions exasperated Ana sometimes and she had to control her emotions. Sometimes the least thing made her want to […]

A Girl’s Rant (7)

“A white guy?!!!” All the girls shrieked at the same time, incredulous. “Oh? You people why?” Kyerewa asked, lowkey not surprised by her friends’ reactions. They had always joked about how none of them could ever be attracted to a “white guy” …until Kyerewa. If her friends reacted this way, […]