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Ghana Man Blues (Episode 13)

Esiaba and Fiifi, Dede, Nana Yaa, Lanre and Mrs. Jones Snr. all meet up at the hospital to support Nii and Naa in what seems to be a crisis. Missed out on Episode 12? Catch up on https://www.nanaboatemaa.com/ghana-man-blues-episode-12/ And now the curtains fall on Ghana Man Blues with Episode 13: […]

Ghana Man Blues (Episode 12)

Mrs. Jones Snr. tries to make amends with her son; Something Different seems to be in some trouble, and so does Naa Jones. Missed out on Episode 11? Catch up on https://www.nanaboatemaa.com/ghana-man-blues-episode-11/ With just one more Episode to go, what happens next? EPISODE 12 Nii was frantic and blindly rushed […]

Ghana Man Blues (Episode 11)

Nii is finally in on Naa’s pregnancy secret, Dede’s custody battle with her ex-husband is getting worse, and Lanre keeps postponing the commencement of his new job outside. Missed Episode 10? Here’s some catch up on https://www.nanaboatemaa.com/ghana-man-blues-episode-10/ The blues continue with Episode 11: EPISODE 11 It had already been 7 […]

Ghana Man Blues (Episode 8)

Dede’s daughter is not missing after all; Lanre has been betrayed by Kofi Wilson, and John the Great finally decides to explore new opportunities. Missed out on Episode 7? Here’s some catch up on https://www.nanaboatemaa.com/ghana-man-blues-episode-7/. With just a few more episodes to go, what happens next on the Blues? EPISODE […]

Ghana Man Blues (Episode 7)

Dede’s daughter is missing and Nii and Naa are still struggling with child birth. Missed out on Episode 6? Here’s a reminder on https://www.nanaboatemaa.com/ghana-man-blues-episode-6/ And now the blues go on with Episode 7. EPISODE 7 Dede drove home, relieved and angry at the same time. Safoa’s school authorities had called […]

Ghana Man Blues (Episode 5)

With Dede facing her ex-husband and Nana Yaa saddled with the task of finding out what exactly Kofi Wilson is up to, what happens next on Ghana Man Blues? Missed out on Episode 4? Here’s a recap on https://www.nanaboatemaa.com/ghana-man-blues-episode-4/ The Blues continue with Episode 5: EPISODE 5 John had been […]