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A Girl’s Rant (4)

Hello, my favorite reader! Thanks for reading my previous article on Guarding our Hearts. Do you remember A Girl’s Rant? I wrote the first 3 parts in 2018, and I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years already! After all these years, the girls are back! But if you don’t […]

Damage (Episode 5)

Another week is here, and it’s time for some DAMAGE. How are you finding the series so far? For a recap of what happened last week, here’s Episode 4. In case you still haven’t gotten the characters by now (I hope you have! :D) here they are: Asare Darko – […]

Damage (Episode 4)

Another week, another episode! Last week, there was fire on the Tunnel Corp. mountain at Nsunye and investigative journalist Marge Asante has landed a job at Tunnel as well. Need a reminder? Here’s Episode 3. Here’s a brief reminder of the characters: Asare Darko – Minister for Mines and Resources […]


So soon Episode 2 is finally here! We got introduced to the characters, especially Asare Darko, Marge Asante, Sheila Glover, JJ and Bo Chang last week, but in case you’ve forgotten who they are: Asare Darko – Minister for Mines and Resources Joe Jenkins – Founder and CEO of Tunnel […]