The Big Order

“What would you like to order please?” the waitress asked me. I had already spotted what I wanted, and since I was in the mood to indulge, I asked for a milkshake. In my mind, I already knew how it was going to look like: small and uneventful, firstly because of the price. “It’s quite cheap so won’t be that much” I guessed.

Secondly, I knew the kind of shake I was used to (on my cheat days 😆), and it was usually a small cup that was filled virtually half to the brim, almost as if it pained the waiter to fill my cup for me😒

Imagine my surprise when my order finally came. Not only was the cup bigger, it was filled to the brim and even had some cream on top!

Instead of being excited, I suddenly felt guilty, calculating how many calories it was worth😆. I had managed to turn a brief moment of celebration and appreciation into one of doubt. After a few minutes, I gave myself a quick scolding and allowed myself to embrace the moment. Then slurped away…

Those few slurps filled my system with some amazing (and sweet) truths:

-Don’t allow the “ordinary” to get in the way of the bigger things God has for you.

We’re used to so many things; rejection, disappointment, etc. However, we shouldn’t let our “normal” circumstances stand in the way of the extraordinary stuff God wants to do in our lives. Sometimes the ordinary becomes so normal that we find it hard to believe God can blow our minds. But He actually can…we just need to have a little more faith and look forward to something new.

Don’t entertain doubt

Doubt can marr the beauty of some precious moments. It’s quite normal to have doubts at times, especially about ourselves; whether we’re good enough, etc. But how we deal with that doubt makes all the difference. Are you going to let that doubt stand in the way of your next move or you’re going to dispel that thought and allow yourself to enjoy the gifts God brings your way? Thinking positive takes a conscious effort, and often improves our perspective on life.

-Don’t be quick to assume

How many times haven’t I been quick to assume about someone or something? I have nearly lost some great opportunities and nearly missed out on some amazing people because of one thing: ASSUMPTIONS. Even before my order came through, I had already concluded how it was going to look like, because of the price and my past experiences with other places. Assumptions can rob us of growth and memories. Next time you find yourself on the brink of assuming, just pinch yourself mentally; wait to see the reality before drawing conclusions.

In case you briefly worried about how this shake contributed to my health, don’t worry😂😉I took a long walk after that, so every calorie was burned!


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