It’s been almost two weeks since Wordsmith Conference 2018, but to say I’m still overwhelmed would be an understatement!

There was no way I could let this special day pass by without giving you a peek into my perspective of things, right from start to finish.

My worries
Honestly, when it hit me that September was almost here again, I was not too sure how I felt; it was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. With a theme like “Think Big, Do Bigger”, I couldn’t afford to do anything less. However I was reminded all over again how people are always willing to help in their own small way (I’ll talk more about that later).

Preparations were tough; getting sponsorship (a big thank you to Stanbic Bank Ghana and YFM for believing in me), working on publicity, putting in final touches was not a walk in the park, but that was God’s way of reminding me that when He calls you to something, He will see you through it.

The Speakers
The speakers were amazing right from the word go; from the first day I asked if they would like to get on board, they went for it, wholeheartedly! Their presentations were ‘on-point’, and I learnt a few things myself. I remember how calm Padikwor was even when there were a few technical hitches during her presentation on ‘Managing a Budding Blog.’. Her dance moves too were “not easy” 😀 ( I could definitely learn a thing or two from her!).

Josephine’s consistency with answering participants’ questions during her presentation on “After Identifying Your Talent, What Next?”, no matter how controversial it got, was simply admirable. These ladies tackled their topics to the best of their ability and it was an honor to have them. The audience also took part in a group discussion that gave them the opportunity to discuss their ideas and opinions on “Social Media and Your Brand.”

“Ghana Man Time”
I’ll share a little secret with you; initially, I was so worried about the numbers. Imagine us wanting to start at 9am on the dot, and as at 9:05am, just a handful were present. I begrudgingly remembered the “Ghana Man Time” mentality, but stubbornly decided to start at 9.30am. There weren’t many people then, but we went ahead anyway. With time however, I realized I needn’t have worried. By 11, the place had filled up quite nicely!

Family, friends, church members, school mates (right from JSS to University!), colleagues, and different people from far and near walked in, much to my surprise and delight! I was so humbled to hear people say they had heard about it either from a friend or social media, and couldn’t afford to miss it.

How can I forget my JSS schoolmate who came all the way from Cape Coast the night before, so he could be a part of the whole learning experience!

All work and no play…..
Of course it couldn’t have been all learning and no fun. The event was brightened by Nana Yaa Asante Darko’s (yes I mentioned your full name again :D) colorful cupcakes, and Biqo’s heartwarming performance.

Within minutes, the audience had caught on to his lyrics and momentarily became back up singers.

What made Biqo’s performance even more interesting was the story behind his songs. Almost every girl felt like she was the one being sung to 😀 (You can get more of Biqo’s music on

The audience also had an opportunity to test their spoken word skills, after Natty Ogli had captivated the audience with his piece on Africa. Before long, the audience kept shouting “Why?” flowing with the rhythm of Natty’s performance. Up till now, people occasionally shout “Why”, during our conversations, and then burst into laughter.

Beautiful people…
Everyone played a part in making this day a memorable one. I can’t stop talking about my team members! People keep asking where I got such people from, but the answer is quite simple; a group of selfless friends I’ve made over the years, who willingly devoted time and effort to making the conference a great success. There are some I met as far back as JSS, and some as recently as an internship last year; but they have consistently taught me the power of love, loyalty and sacrifice. I can never thank them enough.


Definitely worth it!
It wasn’t an easy ride, but it was worth it. At the end of the day, I slept soundly that night, knowing once again that God had made it possible.

Someone asked me what to do if he wants to organize a conference too. That’s one reason why I shared this piece with you.
1. Pray
2. Plan ahead
3. Write down your ideas
4. Identify the right people to talk to
5. Pray
6. Persist
7. Have a Plan B
8. Keep your eyes open for lessons so you can always improve
9. Pray
10. Accept criticism
11. Be grateful

Wordsmith 2017 was great, 2018 was something else, and I know with God involved, 2019 will be way, way better!

One last thing….(make that two)
Oh, before I forget, I learnt something and I can’t end this post without sharing with you; Whatever we do, we must invite God not only to bless the work of our hands, but to actually inhabit it and make it His own. And trust me, your brain will be “bosted!”

Lastly, thank you for contributing in your own small way. Whether it was in cash, kind, status updates, your time, your prayers and encouragement, remember that Wordsmith Conference 2018 was (in Padikwor’s words ‘litty lit!’ because of lovely people like you. View the conference through Padikwor’s eyes on

Can’t wait to see you next year God willing!

Photo Credit: Speaklife Studios


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