The Essence

Have you ever decided to take a step, whether huge or small, and thought of the several ways in which it could go wrong? I certainly have.

Believe it or not, putting myself out there sometimes is still a struggle for me because I find several reasons and angles from which someone could criticize. But with time I’ve learnt that putting yourself out there could inspire someone…it doesn’t have to be a whole crowd… Even if it is only a few people, it still has an impact.

What’s the Essence?

I posted something on my social media page a while ago after considering 1000 reasons why I shouldn’t. I finally mustered the courage and relaxed…it wasn’t so bad after all. Suddenly, I received a notification on my phone from someone responding to the post, inquiring as to the message behind the video and the essence of it. (Well, the person said it in a much harsher way, but thank God for paraphrasing).

It’s not wrong to seek clarification on something, but how we package what we say can sometimes make all the difference.

I felt a bit deflated, but at the same time learnt a thing or two from the whole incidence (I can be dramatic like that :D).

Why do we do what we do? Is it for the approval of others or just to be ourselves and make an impact? It was also a reminder to me that not every question requires an answer, but if we do need to answer, it’s better to pause and think about it rather than answering while angry in case we can’t take our words back. Thank God for message deletion features, but sometimes it might be too late.

What I Learnt

We may end up losing ourselves and becoming a shadow of what God has truly called us to be if we try to please others or think too deeply about what others may say.

Also, another thing I realized is that sometimes, things are really not that deep! Things can be pretty straightforward…for instance if someone wants to post simply because they’re having a good day, let them. If you feel like wearing that dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion, go ahead; every day is worth celebrating.

The Essence

I’m not sure how many times you’ve doubted yourself, thinking you’re not good enough. But I’m here to remind you that you are unique, and God created you for a reason. You may find it easier to identify your flaws and imperfections, but there are many positive aspects of yourself worth celebrating if you look hard enough.

I’m still learning to believe in myself and, more importantly, in what God says about me. It’s easy to doubt at times, but being bold requires conscious effort.

When you want to take that bold step, don’t overthink it. Rather, consider whether it glorifies God and makes you happy; this way, you won’t have to worry as much about what others think. There will also be times when God will ask us to do things we are not used to doing, such as reaching out to people when we would rather keep to ourselves.

You may be wondering what the essence of what you do is, or even the essence of what you are experiencing right now. The answer is simple: purpose, for you were born for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). Whatever we go through, whether small or significant, always has an essence to it. After all, look what a simple question from someone on a social media post prompted me to consider!


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