The Fragrant Rose

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; shops are putting up their red décor, people are planning how to make the day memorable for their special someone without breaking the bank etc.

The Dispatch

I came across a dispatch rider holding tightly onto a large bouquet of roses whilst maneuvering through traffic. The sight of the flowers struck a chord in my heart, almost as if they were being delivered to me. They were red and white in color, and were simply beautiful, wrapped carefully in brown paper. I felt a little sympathy for the dispatch rider….balancing a motor bike with a huge bouquet of flowers in the heat must have been a task!

The flowers first of all got me asking myself how often I show others I care. Apart from waiting for Valentine’s Day, in what little ways do we show those around us that they are loved or appreciated? That’s not even my key lesson for today.
I kept wondering, what if the flowers fell and got run over? I however quickly chided myself to think positive thoughts before I ruined someone’s surprise.

What do we carry?

Anyway, the most striking thought of all from seeing the dispatch rider with the flowers was this simple question:

  • What do I carry?
    No doubt, the rider was going to be paid for delivering the bouquet, but what about us who have been given gifts and talents for free to make the most of?
  • How much do we value these gifts, and who do we give them to? Whenever I hear someone talk about how great they are going to be in future, the first question I ask myself is, that’s all well and good, but do you also have the capacity to carry that greatness?

Let’s face it; we all have something we carry, be it the gift of writing, that ability to make people smile or the ability to identify a business opportunity in every situation. We each have a reason why we carry what we carry. Keeping this at the back of our minds will not only spur us on to make an impact, but to also hold on even when the most logical thing is to give up.

Let’s view it this way with our dispatch rider:
1. Someone ordered the flowers (let’s call him the giver, and the flowers the gift)
2. The flowers were then given to the dispatch rider (let’s call him the carrier)
3. The flowers had a destination (the receiver)

That sounds like everyday life to me:
1. Someone deposited some gifts in us (I believe that’s God)
2. We have these gifts in our hands (we are the carriers)
3. Someone is waiting to be blessed by our gift (the receiver)

Serious Matter!

So my question is, have you yet identified what you’re carrying or what is in your hands? If not, don’t be too hard on yourself. One easy way of identifying what you carry is through what you’re most passionate about. If yes, have you given anyone the chance to benefit from your gift?

What do we do when things become a little uncomfortable? For instance, you’re good at sewing, but don’t have the capital to start a dressmaking business and don’t even have the faintest idea how to get some clients. Do you relegate these sewing skills to the background and blame life for not being fair, or you hold on to your skill, perfect it and start saving towards a small beginning? Like our dispatch friend, even when the traffic was completely static and the heat almost unbearable, he held on tight to the bouquet. No doubt he bore it in mind that it was his responsibility to make sure it was delivered. We will definitely take our gifts and talents more seriously if we knew we would account for it someday, even if it is just one life that is meant to be impacted on by us.

That Little Rose…

Well what if your gift is not as large as that bouquet I saw, or as diverse as its colors? Don’t belittle yourself or your capabilities. Even if it’s just one flower out of the bouquet, it still has the ability to add color to the room or make someone smile.

The Fragrant Rose…

We’re on a journey of growth, and eventually what we’ve all been called and chosen to do will be much clearer. While we get closer to our destination of greatness and impact, just remember to constantly ask yourself: what do I carry, and what can I do with it? Your life is a fragrant, colorful rose, just like that carefully wrapped bouquet….one whose scent can last for a lifetime.


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