I have always been afraid of heights, be it a bridge, canopy walkway, flight of stairs or a mountain. I just cannot seem to muster the courage to scale any of them, especially when I look down afterwards, before my knees virtually turn to jelly. The closest I have ever come to ascending anything of great height is the winding Aburi road which gives a spectacular view of Accra, as well as the Great Hall Hill in University of Ghana, known by many as Accra by night.

There is however an aspect of climbing that has endeared itself to me of late; something I like to call The Mountaintop Experience. This virtual mountain is one of hope and a progressive mentality.

The peak of a mountain gives us a bird’s eye view of our surroundings and somehow makes us feel nothing can take us by surprise. This is the kind of perspective we need to adopt in our lives, where we always walk in awareness and an open mind. Just as reaching the top of a mountain helps us to view what is ahead of us, we need to condition our minds to the point where we are always forward looking.

At times, our mistakes and failures in the past make us uncertain of what we can achieve in the future. However, just like a mountain climb, there are crags and crevices we need to hold on to in order to get to the top. These include determination, endurance, surrounding ourselves with the right people, and prayer. Occasionally in our mountain climb, we may face hindrances but just like we learnt last week in Jacob’s Grip, this is a time to hold on and move forward. Constantly looking back at our failures has a way of cowering us into timidity and inability. We need to hold on to a mountaintop experience, where we always keep our heads up nd look ahead confidently, believing we can achieve whatever we put our minds to.

Let us start right here: Where do you see yourself in the near future? How are you working towards it? As Status Quo Changers, where do we see Ghana to be in the next few years because she has us?
Let us adopt the mantra: Forward Ever, Backward Never. We were made to achieve higher heights and to grasp whatever lessons come our way during the climb. Step forward in confidence, and enjoy The Mountaintop Experience!

P.S. Have you ever climbed a mountain? If yes, which mountain and what was your experience? I’ll be glad to have a virtual feel of how it is to climb a mountain (I may never do it in real life! 😀 )

P.S.S. A belated happy birthday to Leslie Nana Yaw Ofosuhene; and a happy blessed birthday to Nora Kotey. Stay blessed you two, and may you achieve higher heights!

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