This morning I woke up with some pain in my right hip, making it a bit difficult for me to walk.

I found it a bit strange because last night I was fine and didn’t go to bed with any such thing.

But as I began to walk, God asked me if I remembered Jacob in the Bible. “What about that?” I wondered, a bit confused. He went on to remind me how during one night when Jacob was all alone, he wrestled with God (Genesis 32:22-30). Not only did Jacob leave this wrestling match with a blessing, but also a struck hip which left him with a limp.

You know how sometimes as humans, we get so carried away that we begin to give ourselves credit for everything that goes right? Well, God explained that Jacob’s limp was to remind Jacob to depend on Him for the rest of His life and to remember the encounter He had with God.

How does this relate to us you may ask?
God will certainly do great things for us in our lives, (though sometimes we may have to wait a very long time), but He can only do so if we depend *totally* on Him. Life is full of chapters, some not too great, some amazing, but we must remember no matter what to give *all* the glory to God and *lean on Him* because on our own we’ll just have a stubborn limp that will just reveal our weaknesses.

May He amaze us with testimonies, one day at a time, and above all, may He give us the grace to depend totally on Him.

Have a blessed Sunday💫

P. S. Happy blessed birthday Ato Kwamenaaaa! You’re so blessed. May your voice continue to bring healing whenever you minister, and may God plant your feet on even higher ground. You’re an inspiration!

Photo credit: My brother 💜



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