This morning I wondered to myself “Ei God…I’m in my mid 20s yet what have I achieved with my life?”

Forgetting momentarily that God hears everything that runs through our minds, I was a bit surprised when God actually responded! In a soft but firm voice He said “What do you term as achievement?”

What do I term as achievement? Well it sure will be nice to build a house at an early age; or drive that car I’ve always stared at when someone zoomed by in one. Hey, imagine how it will even feel to just remove some money from my pocket and tell the person to “keep the change!” In fact, one song could sum up all the back and forth that was running through my mind….”Wetin we gain” by  Victor AD.

My mind was getting too crowded that I almost didn’t hear the thought that was silently trying to push through to remind me how selfish I was being.

We often quantify achievements in material stuff such as houses, cars, etc, which is natural of course. As human as we are, we definitely like to see results.

Continuing this no longer one-sided conversation, God went on to say “Those things are a plus, yes, but how many lives have you blessed or made an impact on? That’s where the true achievement lies. The rest is a bonus.” But really, how often do we see things from that point of view? Especially when everyone is doing something, winning something, creating something, etc.

Sometimes we grow weary especially when we don’t see the results in what we’re doing. But hey, never forget; life is not a competition, and everyone has a race to run. Take one day at a time, and get your priorities in line with God’s. The rest will follow.

1. Guard against envy.

2. Realign your focus

3. Take time off and just let your mind rest

4. Celebrate yourself

After all, when everything is done, wetin we really gain? 😉

Have a peaceful day💜

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