An Unexpected Blessing

I had wanted something in particular for some time now, but wasn’t willing to spend on it (as like almost every other national service personnel, finding ways to save our little “allawa”* has been one of my main priorities since I started service), so I just forgot about it and moved on. Some days later,


What type of generator are you? (By Nii Laate Lartey)

I have always been fascinated by the inherent power of the human potential. Some have been able to capitalize on this treasure during their lifetime but unfortunately, others allowed it to fossilize. The past two years have been very challenging for anyone in Ghana due to the incessant power outages. The crises were also loaded



It’s Founder’s Day and I just wanted to add to the celebration of this day in my own way. We’ve come far as a country, especially in terms of age. I can still remember that catchy song which was made some years back to celebrate our 50th anniversary: “Ghana is 50, congratulations! Ghana is 50,



These past few weeks, one question has been at the forefront of my thoughts: Why do we do the things we do? Everyone has a central motive that drives them to do more, ranging from ‘I want to make my parents proud’ to ‘I just want to make wherever I find myself a better place’



Tensions are escalating, and we can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen to our DAMAGE characters. Today, DAMAGE comes to an end with a double episode. Before that, here’s a recap of Episode 11 Enjoy! EPISODE 12 Asare quickly jumped out of bed to answer his phone. This was the call he had been


Damage Episode 11

Last week, Sheila sensed that Tunnel was in trouble, P.Y. and Marge tried their best to reach JJ, and Bo was making plans to leave the country. Missed out? Catch up here And now, Episode 11 🙂 EPISODE 11 Asare got off the phone with the IGP. To his frustration, the IGP had said their


Damage Episode 10

It’s another week, and another time for DAMAGE. I’m sorry I couldn’t post last week, but this episode definitely promises to be exciting. The series is gradually drawing to a close, but before we say bye, what are the characters up to? Just in case you need a quick reminder as to what happened in

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